Our Philosophy


Committed to Your Healthier Body, Happier Mind, and Better Life!

Your health is your wealth. You’re setting your intentions to have a healthier, wealthier life.

We know by experience that you can achieve your goals when you commit wholeheartedly to the principles of this program.

So the attention throughout your care is on YOU as an individual: your body composition, situation, feelings, attitude, beliefs.

In this medically supervised weight loss plan, we offer injections along with a well-balanced diet to help you achieve your weight loss goals — and keep the weight off.

You will see results the first week from 2 – 5 pounds of loss. And that’s just the beginning.

Since this is your journey… your personal nurse meets with you in private — never in a group setting.

To best serve you, we provide three convenient locations throughout Southern California.

We’ve been a proud family-owned business for over 40 years. Committed to better health, we pioneered the low glycemic diet before it was a trend.

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