Weight Loss

So many people claim that losing weight is easy! Not so to the 1000’s who try and get no results.

Blood sugar levels, metabolism, hormones, and so many issues, plague results. Its not just asking someone to stop eating, its more!

That’s where a Weight Clinic comes in. We figure out what the patient needs and attack those needs and requirements with SOLUTIONS and SUPPORT until RESULTS are ACHIEVED.

Make no mistake about it, we will do our part, but you must do yours.

Weight Loss is Easier with us. Let us show you the way!




No two people require the same result path. An active man weighing 240lbs with a goal weight of 180lbs requires a variety of solutions different from a woman weighing 180lbs with a goal weight of 145lbs.

Nutritional factors are different. He would need more protein and more l-carnitine, she less protein more B6. Nutritional factors are different for everyone depending on lifestyle and goals. We factor in all that required to come up with the Weight Loss Attack!

Simply not eating will not get your Weight Loss Results! Nutrition is a key factor.



Appetite Suppressants

Not all Appetite Control Medications make you edgy!

Many new and reformulated Appetite Control Medications allow for patients to conduct regular business during the day without making them feel moody and irritated.

Controlling cravings is always a big part of a weight loss program. Appetite control medications alleviate cravings until a patients psychological self is strong where they can control the cravings themselves.

Sometimes a patient only needs the Medication for a few weeks, then when they start seeing Weight Loss Results, that gives them motivation to continue their Weight Loss Goals without Medication.

We provide CORRECT dosing; which means we take all factors into consideration before prescribing any medication. A patients health is important to us and we make sure the health is never compromised.



Vitamin Injection

Did you know that you only absorb a small portion of any vitamin you take orally. Its called “BioAvailablity”. In laymans terms, it means that your not really getting what you think your getting.

That’s why our Vitamin Injection program is loved by so many. We provide for you an injection of PURE NUTRITION! Fully absorbed and utilized in the body giving you immediate results.

What injectable solutions are available; B6, B12, Bcomplex, Lipotropics, L-Carnitine.

These nutritional injectables offer a variety of health benefits to the body and weight loss is one of them.

Vitamin B6: is a vitamin that is used within the body to metabolize fats, carbohydrates and glucose. Did you know that keeping your glucose levels down is a big weight loss factor. B6 helps that happen.

B-Complex: provides a huge boost in overall metabolism; this is added to all our more aggressive weight loss programs. Besides feeling amazing from BComplex, you’ll look amazing as well; BComplex vitamins keep your hair and nails looking great. Just a small-added perk to this amazing vitamin injection.